Post New Year Update

Hey everyone,

We hope your year has had a great start. We enjoyed the break but we've already spend the last few weeks hard at work. It's been a bit more quiet then intended, this is mostly due to the fact that we are wrapping up the first period of our production cycle. This means that we are doing a ton of smaller tasks and we're preparing for the next larger phase of development.

We will continue wrapping up for another few weeks and we're discussing how to tackle regular updates when starting this new phase. (Probably same as before, except for spread out over 2 weeks instead of 2 per week.)

What Tom has been working on:

What Tim has been working on:

So no worries guys, we are recharged, excited and almost ready to move into the next phase of development. We will try to share some screenshots over the next few weeks and we hope that you will stay with us during these quiet weeks. Amazing things are on the horizon everyone! Thanks again for your support.