Some side activities

Hello again!

Hi. Been a long time, hasn’t it? I’m assuming everyone has already seen the gameplay video we released some time back? If not check it out here.

Since that I have been working on the many side activities you can do in Aron’s Adventure. It’s not all being a hero and saving the world. You can take some downtime once in a while.


So how does this work? In the world of Aron’s Adventure you can find recipes laying around or given to you by NPCs. Aron will store these in his recipe bookshelf. Here you can select which recipe you would like to complete.

You can do this by picking up the correct ingredients and placing them in the cauldron. Placing the wrong ingredients, the wrong quantities or running out of time will fail the process.

You can create various potions like this, anywhere from simple health potions to advanced buffs.


What can I say about fishing? You get a fishing rod and you stand still for a while… :)

But in all seriousness different spots have different fish. Upon getting a fish to bite you have to slowly reel it in. Different fish also fight. And your rope can snap if the tension gets too high.

Horse racing

Horse racing can get quite complex too. Each race you will encounter will have different difficulties. Some races you may not even win at that stage in the game.

Horses you will race against have different stamina and different top speeds, so adjust accordingly!

Winning horse races (and maybe a tournament??) will reward you with better gear or better horses to help go and win other races.


Until the next one!