Animal cycles

Hey hey!

This week I’m showing off some animal behaviours in the game. I like to have the same amount of detail in animals as the NPCs (if you read the previous few updates). Please note some of the models for the animals are not up to scratch and will be updated later.


Animals follow their own day/night cycles. Some animals sleep in the day, some in the night etc. Most animals also have dens or caves where they sleep.


Each animal has their place in the food chain. A wolf may hunt rabbits and deer, but may not be inclined to attack a bear on their own.


Some animals hunt when they are hungry, or if they need to feed their young. Others simply graze in grassy areas.

Animals also gather at water sources to drink. Or, the ones that get along at least.


Pack animals hunt in groups and can be a threat to both other animals and the player. So look out for those!

Specific behaviours

Lots of animals have specific behaviours they exhibit. Although not true in real life, wolves howl when there is a full moon for example.

Christmas break

With Christmas and New Year coming up Tim and I won’t post any updates for a bit as we will be in the festive spirit! (Don’t worry, Tim’s video is still coming this week). Have a good one everyone, and see you in the next year!