Traversal part 2 out of ?


This week I spent a lot on polishing work I did in the previous week, tidying animations and general logic. Tim and I also tidied some other parts of the project.

Ledge takedowns

One thing I added was the ability to drag off enemies off ledges (and kill them). Most games with climbing do this, so it was a shame to not include this ability. You can only do it if the enemy is unaware of your presence though.


Like the zipline from the previous update, swings can be used to cross large gaps. Unlike the zipline though, it’s not on a rail so you have to swing in the direction you wish to go.


Similarly to a ladder, these can be climbed up and down.


I also adapted my climbing code with Tim’s swimming code so that transitioning between these two works properly.


Tim made a facebook post on and indie game group with one of our updates and that received a super positive response. Since then we had quite a few amazing composers offer their services to us. More on that in the future but it looks like we’ll have a great soundtrack for the game.

This week I'm going back into AI, so an update on that next Monday. Until then!