Progress so far

Hello again! This week I started work on NPCs and their behavior. This is something I can’t finish in a week so there may be a few updates on this topic.

So far I have created behavior that makes use of the day/night cycle . What this means is that NPCs perform their daily routines such as eating, working and at the end of the day – going to sleep.

Each NPC has their own name, sleeping patterns, and other fun attributes.


One of the things the NPCs do is collect resources. This can be in the form of venturing into the forests to pick fruits or berries:

Some of the more easily frightened ones don’t go too far from settlements, so they may fish instead.


After a long day the NPCs go home to sleep and recover. Some poor NPCs may sleep outside. In the cold. In the rain…

Social life

It would be silly if NPCs did not interact with one another. I’m working on quite a few things they can do together but for now they can talk if they bump into each other:

Or sit around and enjoy some dancing!

Bonus .gif!

Sometimes some of the villagers get so angry they forget what doors are…

Cheers for reading, and in a bit!