Environments and bosses


This week I’ve been working on some environments and levels. This level in Aron’s Adventure is torn apart by war so that is the look I’ve been trying to achieve in the area I’m showing off now. This is very early in development so NPCs and other details are missing.

Working on environments also enabled me to work on a few tools for ourselves to make life easier, such as a building placement tool (with customizable doors and assets) and a vault object tool.


I added a few more interactions to the game as I was working on environments. One of them is benches. (Perfect for relaxing after a difficult battle)

Another addition is sliding which can be performed in certain parts of the game.

I also worked a bit on stealth, adding tall grass which hides the player.


With bosses I took the time to see what we could achieve in the future, so a lot of experimenting was involved. This/next week I am working on a full boss battle with cinematics and environmental changes but for now have a look at what I have so far. The HUD is not final and more for debug and is much bigger so you could witness my wonderful boss naming ;)

I will have more boss things to show next week so until then!