About Aron's Adventure

What is the game?

Aron’s Adventure is first and foremost an action adventure game, and an RPG. It is about a farmer, Aron, who gets granted great power and must build an army to overcome an evil force plaguing the land.

The game is set in a fantasy universe, where mythical creatures are in constant conflict with humans and elves.

How it all started

The game started as one of the ideas we wanted to do for a gamejam, but later didn’t start due to the scope and where we wanted to go with it.

Later that year we started working on it in our spare time outside of university, having more ideas and creating more of the game.

After a few weeks we decided to put it out there on Steam Greenlight, to see if people even would like such a game. They did. We reached 17th out of 3400+ games, 70% likes, had a lot of positive feedback and were even talked about in streams. At this point we knew the game would become something.