Aron's Adventure
  • Aron's Adventure

    Save the kingdom

    Aron’s Adventure is set in a kingdom in turmoil that needs to be saved. Follow Aron’s quest to save each region though a main story and many side missions. You will be helping local factions struggling for power and dominance, villagers suffering from monster invasion or simply finding a lost child who ran away from home.

  • Aron's Adventure

    Travel a little

    Explore the different regions and areas of the kingdom. Each region has its own side activities anywhere from horse racing to combat trials and hunting. The game also has a dynamic time of day and weather system meaning each adventure will always be a little different!

  • Aron's Adventure

    Stop and smell the flowers

    Every person and animal has their own life. Animals have other animals they hunt or run away from, each person has their own job (or not), home, and daily routine. Take a break from adventuring to stop and see the world turning in front of you.

  • Aron's Adventure

    Learn to fight, and be good at it

    As you progress through the game, increase your strength, unlock new weapons as well as skill to help you defeat your enemies. Aron’s Adventure has several monster factions, enemy types and bosses waiting to be defeated!

Early gameplay video

Blog posts

Some side activities

There are many side activities you can do in Aron’s Adventure. It’s not all being a hero and saving the world. You can take some downtime once in a while.

Battle Royale

We are very excited to announce that we are making a small adjustment in scope for Aron's Adventure. We are adding a 2000 Player last man standing that takes place in a 13 000 KM^2 map!

Post New Year Update

It’s 2018! We have been working hard and will soon start our second development phase! This is what we’re doing right now.

Interacting with the developers

Join our community discord

We try to be online on Discord during development hours. and are happy to interact with fans and answer questions. We also share exclusive sneak peeks and development struggles on here. So feel free to pop by and join the fun!

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Here we also post content updates and interact with the community.



If you would like to follow the development on the platform please follow our personal accounts.

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Here you can find the development videos Tim makes, trailers of the game and other cool things.


Press kit

Our press kit consists of information on how we started the creation of the game, the company and a bit about us. We are updating the press kit frequently but if you would like additional information or to arrange an interview please contact us through any of the links provided.

  Press Kit

Thank you.

Aron’s Adventure is made possible by the community voting for us on Steam Greenlight. We received 4000+ yes votes in a few short weeks and made it to the top 20 games on Greenlight. We also received a lot of insightful feedback which we put into the making of the game.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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