Aron's Adventure is a Third Person Action-Adventure RPG set in the new fantasy world of Elor.
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An ancient evil re-awakens and so the fate of the land is thrown into Aron's hands. In Aron's Adventure you are tasked with fighting back this evil. You will be accompanied by an ancient spirit that will help you understand your new abilities and guide you in the right direction.

Take on your enemies from a distance with a bow or bring it up close and personal! In Aron’s Adventure you get to choose the way you take on your enemies. Aron’s Adventure offers over 40 different enemies to fight. From small spiders, to zombies and even a dragon!

Not all you do in Elor is fighting, you will explore different corners of our world in multiple open levels and over a dozen smaller linear levels. Explore, craft your own equipment and solve puzzles. Do you have what it takes to drive back the evil that is facing Elor? 

            KEY FEATURES



Use a bow or different melee weapons to fight the enemies you will find in Elor.

Boss fights

Fight a lot of different bosses throughout the game.


With both multiple open and linear areas there's enough to discover in the world of Elor.


Gain valuable loot and fight strong enemies in one of the many dungeons that the game will have.


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Tim and Tom met during a game design course in university. Aron's adventure started as an idea for a game jam. Four years and a lot of hours in Unreal Engine later, Aron's adventure is a complete Action-Adventure RPG. After the PC launch, the developers will be working on Aron's Adventure for Xbox, Switch and hopefully PlayStation. 


The music plays a critical role in Aron's Adventure. We are proud that IMA Score composed a complete original soundtrack for Aron's Adventure. The calm beginnings in Rive, scary tones in deep dungeons and epic battle tracks for the many encounters in the game.


'We were very excited when we saw Aron's Adventure. Me personally I love RPGs and it looks like something that is going to leave a mark. I think that people are going to remember this game and enjoy playing it.' - Stephen Weese, CEO Marvelous Spiral Studios.